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SambaPOS enables you to elevate your customer experience, increase your speed and efficency, boost your takeaway service and power your business with real time data. It’s time to move your restaurant business to the next level.

Samba Products

SambaPOS V5 Pro

Build your Restaurant Business with SambaPOS V5 Pro

SambaPOS Mobile Client

Never miss an order with SambaPOS Mobile Client – for Android and iOS

SambaPOS GO Kiosk

self-service ordering application to meet the needs of a bustling restaurant environment.

SambaPOS GO Tablet

A comprehensive Tablet Menu for restaurants. Explore the benefits of this excellent interface with SambaPOS.

SambaPOS Metrik

Real-time tracking metrics for restaurants. A high-performing restaurant tracking app


Revolutionize your restaurant kitchen with the state of the art Kitchen Display System by SambaPOS.

SambaPOS Neptune

SambaPOS’s Neptune, the latest in Restaurant POS is the one-stop solution to all these hindrances and more.

SambaPOS Android CID

State of the Art Caller ID System for Restaurants – Make the Most Out of Phone Conversations!