Balance SEO and Content Synergy 

Dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and an instant need for information added more pressure to an already increasing demand for content marketing. Furthermore, Google’s focus on the person behind a search accelerated the convergence and the need for content marketing and SEO initiatives.

Balancing keyword research with understanding consumer intent

Awareness: informational and navigation; non-commercial and non-transactional.

Research and discovery: oriented on a call to action or implied conversion.

Purchase: explicit intent to complete a conversion action; transactional.

Planning and creating content that speaks directly to intent requires understanding what people search for and why:

  • Use real-time search insights to better understand the intent of your prospects today.
  • Find halting points, information gaps, and other intent-based keyword opportunities that currently disrupt the customer journey.
  • Create content that effectively addresses each searcher’s purpose. Use intent, subject, keyword, and competition research.

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